Where Tools Lead, Fools Follow: New Game, New Rules, New Roles — May 11 Arden Hills Workshop

05/11/2018 | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Mike Stoecklein, Institute for Enterprise Excellence (IEX)


There are many useful tools that facilitate continuous improvement within organizations – Lean, Six Sigma, ISO, PDSA, and probably two dozen more.  But tools alone usually don’t lead to permanent change and sustained improvement in performance results.


The Performance Excellence Network is pleased to announce a powerful full-day workshop: Where Tools Lead, Fools Follow: New Game, New Rules, New Roles, May 11.  The workshop will be facilitated by Mike Stoecklein, a partner with the Institute for Enterprise Excellence (IEX), and will be hosted by Boston Scientific at their Arden Hills facility.

Mike will facilitate a discussion on the lessons learned by organizations that have been frustrated with the “Program of the Month” phenomenon and have learned about a principle-based framework for creating a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.  He will highlight the five common steps to a sustainable cultural transformation.


Learning objectives for the workshop – participants will be able to:

1) DESCRIBE the relationship between foundational elements of enterprise excellence
2) DISCUSS the implications within the workplace of a “tool-based” vs. principle-based” approach
3) Do – A) challenge how we achieve results – learn how we “go & see” B) Identify how purpose and principles guide system design C) Experiment with ideal behaviors as a leader or manager to influence and elevate


The workshop will be divided into two sessions.  The morning session will describe the 5 Phases of Cultural Transformation that lead to a sustainable culture of continual improvement.  This session will also describe the importance of role alignment in a Lean cultural transformation.  What does leadership own?  What does management own? What should the front-line own? What is the role of the internal consulting team?

The afternoon session will provide directional guidance for leaders, managers and internal support staff who wish to learn more about a pathway for deployment, as well as guidance on how to design and adjust key systems.


The workshop is Friday, May 11 from 8:00-4:00 at Boston Scientific’s Arden Hills facility (further location details provided after registration).. Investment is $325 for members ($650 for non-members).  Discounts available for teams of three or more from the same organization registering at the same time: $300/person for teams of 3-4; $275/person for teams of 5+.


Don’t miss this powerful, useful workshop!

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