Winning with Words: Building & Delivering Your Story with Persuasive Power — Sept 26 Rochester Workshop

09/26/2017 | 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
David Mann, a high stakes presentation specialist, guest speaker, and theater artist

In any organization – in any career – effective communication is critical.  But how do you build a presentation – a compelling story – for maximum impact?  How do you ensure that your presentations – your stories – are received, so that clients, boards, superiors, and peers will see your ideas as a solution to their problems?


The Performance Excellence Network is pleased to announce a special full-day workshop Sept 26: “Winning with Words: Building and Delivering Your Story with Persuasive Power.”  The workshop will be facilitated by David Mann, a high stakes presentation specialist, guest speaker, and theater artist.  It will be at Woodlake Meeting Center in Rochester.


The same workshop will also be offered July 25 in Bloomington; more information here.



Leaders and teams will learn how to use the power of narrative for lasting impact.  By using business storytelling and presentation techniques, workshop attendees will build the skills to communicate a vision, persuade their teams, and represent their organization to key stakeholders.

The workshop is divided into two parts: Persuasive Story Building and Speaking with Confidence.


Persuasive Story Building

You know if your story is heard, you’ll make a connection and get the results you’re looking for.  But how do you build your story so it has impact every single time you tell it?  How do you embed your value proposition in your story so clients, boards, and peers will see your ideas as a solution to their problem?


David shows leaders and teams how to organize ideas into a presentation that gets the people to take action.  He’ll show them how to get their message to come across loud and clear, using stories to support data.  David works with participants at any stage of development, helping them create presentations that achieve results by being structured for maximum retention and action.  Whether you speak to large groups, in board rooms, or one-on-one with customers or peers, David will show leaders and teams how to create rock-solid content wrapped in clear, engaging language.


Key Learning Points:

  • Transforming dull information into an engaging narrative
  • Keeping the content user-focused and taking out the jargon
  • Strengthening the value proposition in every presentation


Speaking With Confidence

Speaking with confidence, heart, and energy can be the secret ingredient that wins board approval or the buy-in of a team.  With a careful, attentive teaching style, David will provide participants with practical performance tools used by actors, lawyers, and the best speakers.  David doesn’t try to make people into performers, but he shows them how to let their natural personality come through by remaining calm under pressure and using body language and vocal inflection for lasting impact.  The result is an energized presentation that is both spontaneous and polished.


Using proven methods shared by actors and speakers everywhere, David will show leaders and teams how to take full advantage of the moment of truth when every word counts.


Key Learning Points:

  • Remaining calm and self-assured under pressure
  • Opening and closing with impact
  • Communicating integrity that strengthens relationships


Investment $325 for members ($650 for non-members).  Discounts available for teams of three or more from the same organization registering at the same time: $300/person for teams of 3-4; $275/person for teams of 5+.


Don’t miss this powerful, useful workshop!

Bio – David Mann


For 20 years, David Mann has been a professional performance specialist. He has combined his decades of experience as an actor, director and playwright with the needs of professional leaders, sales teams, and lawyers to deliver a unique angle on presentation skills. David has developed customized training seminars for several Fortune 500 companies, and he has earned a national reputation for excellence in the legal training community. As a theater artist, David has performed or directed for internationally-known theaters in the Midwest, and he is a recipient of a Bush Artist Fellowship for Storytelling. David is based in Minneapolis.

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