The Quickest, Easiest Way to Identify and Prioritize Improvement Opportunities

This process is the quickest, easiest way to help leaders identify and prioritize improvement opportunities – through the perspective of their workforce. Leveraging the Baldrige Express survey for up to 25 workers (more can be added for a fee), this process takes about two hours of senior leaders’ time, plus about 90 minutes per survey respondent to offer input on where to improve the organization’s performance. Here’s how it works:

  1. Organizations volunteer and commit to an assessment by submitting a Letter of Intent.
  2. Organizations receive a complimentary one-hour consultation to set up the assessment (by phone or in person) and to discuss the factors that drive performance excellence. In the discussion, we will establish survey sample size, demographics, and timeline for the survey.
  3. The assessment survey is administered by our partner, the Alliance for Performance Excellence ( The survey is on-line, password protected (so allows for confidential responses), and is usually “open” for two to three weeks. The assessment includes up to 25 employee participants, usually at various levels and roles within an organization to get a balanced view of organizational strengths and improvement opportunities (more can be added, as requested). Remember: the survey is based on criteria for performance excellence, so is seeking employees’ collective view on how processes are working (it is not an employee satisfaction survey).
  4. Organizations receive a second complimentary one-hour consultation to summarize and coach the organization on how to interpret the findings. If the organization desires further analysis/interpretation, we can suggest resources and/or discuss how to proceed.

The process takes about 6-8 weeks and is $900 for members, $1800 for non-members (additional fees apply for respondents above 25). Organizations that successfully complete this process will be recognized at the annual conference the following year.