The Butterfly Effect: Managing Your Organization as a System

1. A Message from the President The Butterfly Effect: Managing Your Organization as a System 

Because most things in life are part of larger systems, some seemingly trivial events can have significant impact.  For example, in 1961, mathematician and meteorologist Edward Lorenz took a shortcut in entering data in a weather prediction model.  He innocently entered .506 instead of the full numeric value of.506127, and the result was a completely different weather prediction.  In a 1963 paper, Lorenz commented that if the theory were correct, “one flap of a seagull’s wings could change the course of weather forever.”  He later changed that metaphor to a butterfly, and now the phenomenon is widely labeled the “butterfly effect” – where seemingly little events can lead to more significant changes to the larger system. Click here to read more… 

2. Network Events

  • Dec. 3
Knowledge Forum: Celebrating Quality–The Annual Karl Shurson Award
Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC), Rochester MN
  • Dec. 5
Knowledge Forum: Sharing Solutions, Best Practices with Your Peers
Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Minneapolis MN
  • Dec. 10
The Principles of Performance Excellence: Baldrige 101-201 Workshops
University of Phoenix, St. Louis Park MN
  • Dec. 11
Knowledge Forum: Strategic Planning–the Glue that Holds it All Together
St. Paul College, St. Paul MN
  • Dec. 18
Knowledge Forum: Sharing Solutions, Best Practices with Your Peers
UMD Center for Economic Development, Duluth MN

3. Upcoming Partner Events

Three U.S. Organizations Honored with the 2013 Baldrige National Quality Award

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker recently announced that three U.S. organizations will receive the 2013 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation’s highest Presidential honor for performance excellence through innovation, improvement and visionary leadership. All of this year’s winners are from the health care and education sectors.  The 2013 Baldrige Award recipients—listed with their category—are:

Other Partner Events:

  • Jan 9
Change Management State of Union
MNODN (Minneapolis)
  • Jan 14
Authentic Living, Authentic Leadership
PMI (Plymouth)
  • Jan 15
How to Embrace, Sustain & Execute Your Company’s Vision
Enterprise Minnesota (Brooklyn Park)
  • Jan 21
How Do You See Your Role?
MNISP (Minneapolis)

4. Other News