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Leading through Crisis – April 2020

Our world changed in what seems like just a blink of an eye: when COVID-19 arrived in the United States, it instantaneously changed our social habits, our lifestyles, our economy, and our organizations.  Indeed, the impact is being felt by our businesses, our hospitals and senior care facilities, our schools, our nonprofit and governmental agencies.  […]

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PEN Announces Partnership to Bring Lean Six Sigma Courses to Members

Minneapolis, Minnesota  – The Performance Excellence Network (PEN) is pleased to announce a partnership with The Netherlands-based The Lean Six Sigma Company (TLSSC), which will bring TLSSC’s world class online portfolio of Lean Six Sigma training to PEN members in the Upper Midwest. “The need to improve organizational efficiency and productivity has never been greater,” […]

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2020 Vision: How Strategic Planning Helps Better See the Future – Oct 2019

Strategy requires making choices about the future. But here’s the problem: most humans (and therefore most organizations) are actually fairly bad at predicting the future!  (Remember the now infamous prediction by IBM that the worldwide market for PCs was about four?!)  Why?  Because, well, the future is uncertain!  There are numerous variables, each acting on […]

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