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The Secret Sauce of Leadership: 9 Traits that All Good Leaders Have — Sept 2019

Leadership matters.  It’s what separates the good organizations from the bad and the great organizations from the good.  Good leadership is critical for optimizing resources, maximizing employee engagement, aligning organizational activities, and achieving and sustaining high performance.  In fact, research shows that leadership is the number one driver of superior organizational outcomes.  Or, said another way: without good leadership, […]

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Why Good Organizations Sometimes Fail – PEN June 2019

I get asked occasionally what is the single biggest reason organizations fail.  Of course, there isn’t one right answer: organizations – even from the same sector or industry – have different cultures, different core competencies, different strategic challenges and advantages, different circumstances that contribute to success or failure.  As a result, some organizations struggle with […]

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Excellence Begins with the First Step – PEN May 2019

Excellence is a choice.  It’s the result of intentional, humble and visionary leadership; systematic evaluation and improvement that leads to meaningful change; and capable, motivated, and fully engaged employees.  It doesn’t happen by accident – at least not for long.  It requires data-based decisions; true organizational alignment that optimizes resources and harmonizes on mission, strategy, […]

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Learn What Drives Organizational Excellence: Attend “Baldrige 201” & Consider Becoming a Performance Excellence Award Evaluator

Are you interested in learning more about what makes organizations successful — what helps them achieve and sustain high performance?  Are you interested in helping other organizations — such as schools, hospitals, non-profits, and businesses – in the Upper Midwest improve outcomes?  Would you be interested in networking, learning, and sharing with others who feel […]

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Performance Excellence Network Recognizes Two Organizations

2018 Performance Excellence Awards Presented at PENworks 2019 Conference ST. PAUL, Minn., May 6, 2019 – The Performance Excellence Network (PEN) honors two recipients of the 2018 Performance Excellence Award.  The Award is based on the Baldrige Framework and is the culmination of a rigorous evaluation of an organization’s management and performance system.  The evaluation […]

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Excellence is About People, Part 1: Engaging & Empowering your Team — PEN Mar 2019

Nothing great is ever achieved without people.  Think about it: organizations can only achieve with highly effective people running them; communities and nations can only achieve without highly engaged citizens and highly effective leaders setting a course for the future; projects, initiatives, task forces, scientific breakthroughs, inventions, and even sporting achievements are all the result […]

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