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Leadership’s Role in Sustaining Excellence

Last week, I was honored to participate in ASQ MN Section’s Executive Roundtable, exploring the role of leaders in creating a culture of quality.  The day-long forum investigated the links between employee engagement, customer focus, measurement and overall enterprise excellence.  Over lunch, I was asked to talk about the role of leaders in creating a […]

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Perfect Vision: The Power of Leading Indicators

As I finish this article, the Kansas City Royals (my childhood team) will have either just won its first World Series in nearly three decades or come very close in trying. In watching a game a couple of weeks earlier in the playoffs, I was listening to the commentators debating whether KC should leave in […]

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Aug 2014 Newsletter

Aug 2014 Newsletter The President’s Blog Chillax: 13 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress    Quick trivia: from what movie does the line “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” come?  It comes from the 1976 movie, The Network.  Winner of four Academy Awards and with an all-star cast, The […]

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