Visualizing Insightful Possibilities to Make Work Better: An Introduction to Baldrige — April 21 Prior Lake Workshop

03/18/2020 | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Mike Gratz, Advance Advisors; Dave Brucks, Entegris

How do good organizations become great (and great organizations become excellent)?  How do you make work better — faster, more accurate, more valuable to stakeholders?  How do you improve customer satisfaction, workforce engagement, and leadership?

The Performance Excellence Network is pleased to announce a powerful half-day workshop: Visualizing Insightful Possibilities to Make Work Better: An Introduction to Baldrige, April 21 afternoon in Prior Lake, MN.  This is a pre-conference workshop before the PENworks 2020 conference, but it is open to anyone (you don’t have to have attended the conference to benefit from the insights!).  It will be facilitated by Mike Gratz of Advance Advisors and Dave Brucks of Entegris.

Participants will explore ways to make work better using the Baldrige Criteria. Make your work better; make your team’s work better; make your organization’s work better.  This workshop helps you at every level by using the Criteria to align on what you do, why you do it, and how you get it done. Using a series of 30-minute exercises, you will develop your thinking on what is key and end the workshop more aligned in your work.  If you are new to Baldrige, this is a great way to explore the Framework and Criteria and to enhance your PENworks conference experience!

Approach: Highly interactive, combining individual work with team report out and discussions. Using Baldrige winning organization examples to establish what good looks like for each exercise and key component.

Value: Each participant will have an opportunity to develop thinking specific to their organization/work on the key components presented.  Increase their personal network with peers having similar business challenges.  Even if your organization is not officially using Baldrige as its management and improvement system, you’ll find ways to optimize your resources, improve your outcomes, and accelerate your improvement efforts.

The workshop is Tuesday, April 21 from 1:00-5:00 at Mystic Lake Conference Center in Prior Lake, MN.  Investment $200 for members ($400 for non-members).  Discounts available for teams of three or more from the same organization registering at the same time: $175/person for teams of 3-4; $150/person for teams of 5+.  And take an additional $50 off if you attend the PENworks conference (and take $75 off if you attend the PENworks post-conference workshop on employee engagement and PENworks conference!).

Don’t miss this powerful workshop!!


Mike Gratz: Mike serves as an advisor to small business, healthcare, non-profits and government.  He has a passion for transformational change with a keen understanding of how to balance people, process, and technology through facilitating organizational change and sustainable continuous improvement.

He is an expert facilitator, with extensive experience leading workshops from strategic planning to problem-solving. He employs a variety of CI techniques, including Lean, Six Sigma and an approach called StrategyLink which he was instrumental in developing.

Mike serves as an examiner for the MN Malcom Baldrige Award process.

Dave Brucks: Dave is the Global Quality Continuous Improvement Director at Entegris in Chaska, MN.  He led Seagate’s effort to implement the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence as a framework to drive continuous improvement for four years.  Dave has over 20 years of leadership experience in Quality and Reliability organizations.

He was a 2012 Performance Excellence Network Evaluator, 2013 Baldrige Executive Fellow, 2014 Baldrige National Examiner and is former board chair and current member of the Performance Excellence Network Board.

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