Best Practices in DEI Series — Module 7: “Building DEI Into Core Operations” — May 3 Hybrid Workshop

05/03/2023 | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Sandra Ogunremi; Lisa Tabor; Dee Sabol

This module is the seventh and final in a Best Practices in DEI Series.  Each are intended to be stand-alone, or you can participate in the full series.  Dates and topics of other modules listed below.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve all be made aware (or powerfully reminded) of the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within our organizations and our communities.  The imperative is clear: inclusion and racial equity optimizes organizational performance and societal outcomes — not only for people of color, but for everyone.  But wanting to be more inclusive and actually being more inclusive are usually two very distinct conditions.  The latter takes work: policy and system changes, education and discernment, intentionality and constant effort.

The Performance Excellence Network — in partnership with the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence — is pleased to host a special online workshop series: “Best Practices in DEI.”  The series will be seven stand-alone half-day modules and can either be attended “ala carte” or as a complete series.  The content is uniquely aligned with the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework, exploring many facets of diversity, equity, and inclusion through the lens of this proven Framework (though your organization does not have to be officially using Baldrige to benefit from the value of this series!). The seventh module is Wednesday, May 3: “Building DEI Into Core Operations.”  (Other module dates and topics listed below.)

The workshop will be offered as a hybrid offering, in-person (Prior Lake, MN) and streaming online.  It will also be considered a pre-conference workshop to PEN’s annual conference, PENworks 2023 (May 4) or can be experienced stand-alone; information on PENworks is here.  Discount available for those attending the conference.

The series will feature seven half-day online workshops — highly interactive discussions that will explore results-based methods and proven effective practices that will help organizations better appreciate diversity; improve inclusion within its workforce, supplier network, and marketplace; and promote greater equity within their organizational systems.  Participants will walk away from each session with a tool, a template, and/or a process – all carefully designed or curated by experienced DEI experts.

Each workshop will be facilitated from a combination of leading experts in DEI:

  • Lisa Tabor, President & Owner, CultureBrokers LLC
  • Sandra Ogunremi, DHA, Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Monument Health, Rapid City SD
  • Jessica Shryack, PhD, Organizational Consultant and founder of Clarity Collaborations
  • Dee Sabol, consultant
  • Plus other DEI experts to be added throughout the series!

Session 7 is May 3 from 1:00-5:00 CT and will focus on creating more inclusive, equitable customer-focused processes, core operations, and measurement systems.  Specific areas of focus in this workshop (with Baldrige Framework references in parenthesis) include:

  • Building equity & inclusion into customer “listening posts” to understand customer and market segment needs [3.1a(1-2), b(1)]
  • Building and managing customer relationships (acquiring and retaining customers), enabling customer to access information and support, and equitable customer experience and fair treatment for different customers, groups, and market segments [3.2a(1, 2, 4)]
  • Determining customer satisfaction, dissatisfaction and engagement of all customers [3.2b(1)]
  • Considering DEI in product/service and process design [6.1a(1,3)]
  • Integrating DEI into supply chain — in selecting and managing suppliers and partners [6.1c]
  • Measuring DEI efforts [4.1a(1)]

We will also explore best practices of high performing organizations (those who have won the Baldrige National Quality Award) to better understand how they’ve integrated DEI into these processes.

If attending “ala carte,” this workshop is $200 for PEN/WCPE members ($400 for non-members).  Attending this workshop at the conference is $175/each.

For those interested in participating in the remaining modules in the full series (and benefiting from a series discount) – the rest of the series topics are here:

  • Session 1 (Jan 20, 2022): Leading DEI
  • Session 2 (April 27): Governance role in DEI and learning from Baldrige winners, national role models’ DEI efforts
  • Session 3 (July 19): Unconscious bias: understanding and adjusting our prejudices and becoming better allies
  • Session 4 (Sept 15): Planning a DEI effort; assessing intercultural competencies; integrating DEI into other organizational initiatives
  • Session 5 (Nov 8): Creating more inclusive, equitable work environment, such as recruiting/hiring, managing change, work accomplishment including job structure/design, more inclusive benefits & policies
  • Session 6 (Jan 24, 2023): Creating more inclusive, equitable workforce processes, such as embedding DEI into drivers of workforce engagement, creating a more inclusive organizational culture, integrating DEI into performance management/accountability processes, integrating DEI into training & career development
  • Session 7 (May 3): Building DEI into customer-facing systems (listening methods, segmentation, relationship management and fair treatment, access/support, and satisfaction determination); building DEI into core operations (design/management of key products and work processes, selecting/managing supply network); and measuring DEI efforts.

We are considering starting the series over again for a 2023-24 series, so email us if you are interested in being notified of dates!

Most of us — as leaders, professionals, and just people — understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion and realize that we need to make changes to improve our organizations and communities.  But change happens at an individual level, so come prepared to understand, identify, and address the unconscious biases we all have.


Sandra Ogunremi

Dr. Sandra Ogunremi oversees Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for Monument Health in Rapid City, SD. She earned a Doctorate in Health Administration from Central Michigan University in 2009. She has a Master’s of Science in Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. She is Certified in Cultural Intelligence, Certified in Diversity Management with the American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity and Health Equity. She is a Stanford Certified Project Manager and holds several other certifications that enable her to deliver her best. She is a seasoned national and international conference speaker.

She currently focuses on strategies related to spiritual care services, diversity, equity and inclusion. She leads organizational initiatives, workshops and training on diversity and cultural proficiency. In July 2018, Monument Health was recognized, alongside four other healthcare systems, by the American Hospital Association and received the Equity of Care honoree award. Dr. Sandra Ogunremi received the award on behalf of Monument Health and is quite proud of the great strides made by Monument Health.

Rev. Sandra Ogunremi is an ordained minister with Assemblies of God. She has served as the Black Hills’ Sectional Representative for the Women’s Ministry within South Dakota since 2008. She has taught throughout the Unites States, Canada, Africa and England. She is most fulfilled when being used as a conduit to positively impact lives. She has been married to Dr. Ayodele Ogunremi, a Board Certified Nephrologist and Board Certified Internist, for 26 years and they have three adult children.

Dee Sabol

Dee Vazquez Sabol is principal consultant with Decorocorp, a DEIB consultation that’s focused on community-led systems change.  She was formerly Executive Director of Diversity Council, an organization that has spent more than 30 years ensuring that individuals, organizations, and communities understand the power and potential of equitable and inclusive ecosystems.

Ms. Sabol brings experience in cross-cultural communication and change management and has spent time managing public affairs, strategic partnerships, and community and cultural engagement in several states. She has been deeply engaged in the areas of public/private sector collaboration, social justice, and equitable growth. In her current work, Ms. Sabol leads an organization focused on civic equity, educational equity, and health equity with particular focus on equitable economic development, community safety, and public policy design. She is active in numerous local, regional, state, and national spaces where equity is centered.

Ms. Sabol has degrees in Communications, Sociology, Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. She’s teaches and speaks on social justice coalition building, inclusive community design, and authentic intercultural engagement and her entire career has aligned with equity and inclusion efforts in the US.

Lisa Tabor

Lisa Tabor founded CultureBrokers in 2005, offering comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge in delivering diversity, inclusion and equity results in even the most complex situations.  Before founding CultureBrokers, Lisa was director of membership for Visit St. Paul and manager of education and the foundation at the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce.  She has been a PEN Baldrige Evaluator for five years, serves on the advisory board of African American Registry, and previously served as secretary on the NAACP St. Paul board.  Lisa is an Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator and a Diamond Inclusiveness Assessment (DIA) Certified Facilitator.

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