The Principles of Excellence: Baldrige 101 — Mar 12 Black Hills Workshop

03/12/2020 | 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Michael Garner, Momentum Consulting

The need to improve your organization’s performance has perhaps never been greater: customers expect more, competent workers are scarce, competition is intensifying, and in some industries the economy is tightening.  But – with the complexity of organizations –- where does one start? How do you know on which processes to focus? And how to do you sustain the improvement over time?

The Performance Excellence Network is pleased to announce a powerful full-day workshop: The Principles of Performance Excellence: Baldrige 101, March 12 in the Rapid City (hosted by Ascent Innovation).  The workshop will be facilitated by Michael Garner of Momentum Group.  “Advancing Excellence: Baldrige 201” workshop will be offered the next day (March 13), and offers a deeper dive into the Baldrige Framework, helping leaders and professionals begin to apply the principles of excellence in their organizations.

The Baldrige framework provides a systems perspective for continuous improvement and advancing performance excellence. The Baldrige “Criteria for Performance Excellence” reflects the leading edge of validated management practice, against which any organization can measure itself to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities.  This workshop will walk through the Baldrige Framework, will provide examples of tools and approaches that align with Baldrige, will “connect the dots” by showing how other improvement tools complement Baldrige, and will explore best practices from other organizations on the journey to excellence.

Workshop based on the 2019-20 Baldrige Criteria.  If you are interested in becoming an Evaluator with our Performance Excellence Award, new Evaluators must take Baldrige 101 as a prerequisite.

THERE IS NO COST of this powerful workshop for PEN members (limit 2 comp seats for $300 Supporting members, 3 comp seats for $600 members, or 4 comp seats for $1200 members).  Workshop $200 for non-members.  One copy of the Baldrige “Criteria for Performance Excellence” book ($30 value) is included, as are meals (light breakfast, lunch).  Also attend “Advancing Excellence: Baldrige 201” the next day on March 13 at the discounted “bundled” rate of $100 for members or $300 for nonmembers!


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