An Introduction to the Baldrige Framework — Sept 23 Online Workshop

09/23/2021 | 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Michael Garner, Momentum

[This workshop was formerly “Baldrige 101” and scheduled for a full day.  It is now converted to a half-day online workshop on Sept 23.]

Countless organizations are trying to connect with customers, improve their work, engage their people, produce better results, and plan for the future.  But oftentimes improvements are not aligned with the organization’s mission, strategic priorities, or core competencies, and therefore are sub-optimized.

The Performance Excellence Network — in partnership with the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence — is pleased to announce a half-day online workshop: An Introduction to the Baldrige Framework, Thursday, September 23.  The event will be conducted as a stand-alone workshop, but also as a pre-conference introduction to Baldrige as a part of PEN’s annual PENworks 2021 online conference the next day (info here).

This session will provide an introductory overview of how the Baldrige Framework aligns with the priorities of any organization to support improvement efforts centered around customers and organizational performance. Participants will learn how Baldrige, at its core, is focused on bringing value to people and results for organizations.

The session will offer the opportunity to connect with other participants in an interactive virtual learning environment, while providing a helpful starting point for those considering serving as an Evaluator or perhaps undergoing an Baldrige-based assessment for an organization.  It will also provide a perfectly timed overview of Baldrige for those new to the concept and attending the PENworks conference the next day.

The Baldrige framework provides a systems perspective for continuous improvement and advancing performance excellence. The Baldrige “Criteria for Performance Excellence” — which was recently revised for 2021 — reflects the leading edge of validated management

practice, against which any organization can measure itself to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities.  This workshop will walk through the Baldrige Framework, will provide examples of tools and approaches that align with Baldrige, will “connect the dots” by showing how other improvement tools complement Baldrige, and will explore best practices from other organizations on the journey to excellence.

Workshop based on the new 2021-22 Baldrige Criteria.  If you are interested in becoming an Evaluator with our Performance Excellence Award, new Evaluators must take Baldrige 101 as a prerequisite.

Investment is $200 for members ($400 for non-members). Discounts available for teams of 3-4 from the same organization registering at the same time ($175) as well as teams of 5+ ($150).  And those also attending the PENworks 2021 conference take $50 off each ticket price.  One copy of the Baldrige “Excellence Builder” PDF is included.

Explore this validated framework to help you navigate today’s challenges — surviving today and thriving tomorrow!

Facilitator Biography

The session will be led by Michael Garner, who has over 17 years of experience as a Baldrige applicant, Evaluator, Team Lead, and Judge. As President of Momentum, a consulting firm focused on leveraging proven frameworks and approaches to help leaders and teams reach their potential, Michael has worked with many organizations to build success across systems.

Michael is a native Minnesotan and was raised on a 4th generation family farm near Atwater, MN.  Michael currently resides near Rochester, MN in the rural town of Kasson.  Michael has an extensive background in adult education and human resource development, as well as experience and passion for continuous improvement tools and frameworks, particularly the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.  With a strong skill set for training and facilitation, Michael is eager to use his talents to enhance the performance of your organization.

Michael’s experience as a trainer and adult educator spans over 25 years.  During his time at the University of Minnesota studying Human Resource Development and Adult Education, Michael explored the strong links between workforce education and organizational development.  As he moved forward with his career, Michael had the opportunity to combine his passion for helping others to learn with his knowledge of implementing change and improvement frameworks.  Michael also works for Olmsted County.

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