PENworks 2013 Focuses on ROI with Baldrige Winners

Four national Baldrige winners serve as the keynote speakers featured at PENworks 2013.  Each will detail how their focus on quality has brought significant returns to their organizations.

On May 14, CEO Ken Schiller of K&N Management—owner of Rudy’s BBQ & Mighty Fine Burger restaurants in Texas and winner of the 2010 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award—shares the company’s philosophy on “guest delight.”

Their restaurants rely on innovation and technology (such as their EyeClick interactive iPad survey system) to create product offerings that meet or exceed guest requirements.

Also featured on May 14 is Katherine Gottlieb, CEO of 2011 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner, Southcentral Foundation.

This Alaska-based non-profit has based its Nuka System of healthcare on four principals: (1) customers driver everything, (2) customers must know and trust the health care team, (3) customers should face no barriers in seeking care, and (4) employees and supporting facilities are vital to success.

Additionally, PENworks 2013 attendees will hear from Terry May, CEO, MESA Products, a small, privately held business that designs, manufactures, and installs cathodic protection systems that control the corrosion of metal surfaces in underground and submerged structures, such as pipelines and tanks.  MESA is the 2012 Malcolm Baldrige Award Recipient, Small Business Category.

Since 2006, MESA has outperformed competitors in growth (by almost 40 percent) and customer satisfaction (leading in 20 out of 20 performance attributes according to a third-party survey).  A core competency includes its  “great-place-to-work” culture that reinforces high performance, supported by cross-training to develop career paths, profit sharing, and deployment of multiple communication vehicles.

May 15’s keynote speaker is Tommy Gonzalez, City Manager of Irving, Texas—the 2012 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Obtaining and acting on citizen feedback through strong cross-functional collaborative teams, implementing a strategic planning process integrated with key customer requirements and Lean Six Sigma process enhancements, and best practice sharing are just a few of the investments made by the city that have garnered a huge return—fiscally, emotionally, and environmentally.

Other speakers who will share their experiences and best practices include:

  • Austin Public Schools: John Alberts, Director of Educational Services
  • Benedictine Health Systems: Jeri Reinhardt, Director of Quality
  • Cardinal of Minnesota: Michael Garner, Director of Operations and Phil Zeccardi, HR Manager
  • Centennial School District 12: Dr. Keith Dixon, Superintendent
  • City of Minneapolis: Jodi Molenaar-Hanson, Manager, Continuous Improvement and Jay Stroebel, Deputy City Coordinator
  • Core Values Partners: Paul Grizzell, President and Baldrige Coach
  • DuFresne Manufacturing Company: Bob DuFresne, CEO and Kris Diemer, VP of Human Development
  • HealthEast: Cara Hull, Vice President of Performance Excellence
  • Hormel Foods: Lloyd Brandon, Manager of Six Sigma
  • Kwik Trip: John McHugh, Manager of Leadership Development
  • Lakeville Public Schools: Lisa Snyder, Superintendent and Jason Molesky, Director of Program Evaluation & Accountability
  • Olmsted County: Roman Catala Wilfredo, Director of Business Operations
  • Opportunity Services: Nancy Gurney, CEO
  • Rochester Community & Technical College: Dave Weber, Chief Student Affairs & Strategic Operations Officer
  • Seagate: Dave Brucks, Executive Director, Functional Excellence
  • St. Paul College: Rassoul Dastmozd, President
  • Winona Health : Linda Wadewitz, Director of Continuous Systems Improvement and Linda Atkinson, Continuous Systems Improvement Facilitator

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